Teaching and Learning Updates

2023 will a big year for the Teaching and Learning Team, involving more than 700 nurses and medical students who will be learning about primary health care with us. This includes placements for every year of the Doctor of Medicine, including a new Year Two Discovery subject entitled “Making Health Care Work: From Hospital to Home and Back Again”.

Medical student placements have now been finalised for 2023. We want to thank all the teaching practices who have signed up this year. If you have not signed up yet, please get in contact with us to discuss placement opportunities by calling: 03 8344 7276 or email: gp-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au

We would also like to welcome a new staff member to the Teaching & Learning Team this year, Dr Anneliese Willems. Anneliese will be working with the team to deliver teaching across the Doctor of Medicine. She has been involved in medical education since 2015 and is currently the co-host of the dermatology education podcast: Spot Diagnosis. In her free time Anneliese is an enthusiastic cook.