Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS)

23-25 February 2016

  • Professor Kelsey Hegarty presented at Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) inaugural research conference.  Her presentation explored women's input to a trauma-informed systems model of care in Health settings: the WITH study. This conference brings together key research, policy and practice stakeholders in the area of violence against women and their children. A video of Hegarty’s presentation can be found on the MAEVe website.

15th Annual Qualitative Methods Conference, Glasgow, UK

3-5 May 2016

  • Dr Victoria Palmer recently returned from the International Qualitative Research Methods Conference in Glasgow, Scotland where she gave two presentations sharing findings from the large‐scale CORE trial she leads. Her micro‐ keynote presentation titled ‘Then and now: temporality and narrative representations from timeline data with people living with severe mental illnesses’ explored the use of timelines as a visual method to examine temporality and psycho‐social recovery for people living with severe mental illness.  Dr Palmer also delivered a presentation titled ‘Can you tell me about...? The pros and cons of telephone interviews and Leximancer analysis for experiential data collected with people living with severe mental illness’ which explored the benefits and limitations to using the telephone to collect experience data with people living with severe mental illness and undertaking analysis using Leximancer software.