Research participants wanted!

1. Data for Decisions - Contribute to a primary care research data repository

Data for Decisions is an exciting new research initiative at the Department of General Practice. We are seeking general practices to contribute to the database, thus making possible the learning opportunities made available only by research conducted within large data sets (prescribing patterns, patient outcomes, patient journey, longitudinal research, etc).

Activity: Consent to GRHANITE software installation on a general practice computer and make information available in clinic waiting rooms.

Find out more: Dr Rachel Canaway: Phone: (03) 8344 3392

2. Managing chronic non-cancer pain in general practice

This project explores GPs' experiences of chronic (non-cancer) pain management and use of non-opioid and non-pharmacological therapies. This is relevant in light of the legislative changes now in place regarding consumer access to medicines containing codeine.

Activity: GPs to participate in a 30 minute interview (approx, phone or face-to-face)

Find out more: Miriam Oldfield (final year medical student) Phone: 0412 801 690

3. Learning more about the changing working life of GPs

This project investigates what makes up the working life of today's GPs and how it has changed over the years.

Activity: GPs to participate in 30-45 minute interview (approx, phone or face-to-face)

Find out more: Veng Hieu (final year medical student) Phone: 0426 268 999

4. The role of physiotherapists in providing nutrition care?

Physiotherapists working in rural and regional Victoria are sought to participate in a research interview about their experiences of providing (or not providing) nutrition care to their patients.

Activity: Rural and regional Victorian physiotherapists to participate in a 30-40 minute face-to-face or phone interview.

Find out more: Kaleswari Somasundaram (MPhil student) Phone: (03) 8344 3371

5. GPs experiences of early intervention with men who use violence in relationships

Sghannah Mousaco (final year medical student) is recruiting GPs to discuss their experiences responding to male patients who may be using violence in relationships, and their views on what support would be effective.

Activity: GP participation in a 30 minute confidential telephone interview

Find out more: Kitty Novy, Phone: (03) 8344 4538

6. The impact of My Health Records (MyHR) in primary care

This novel study, funded by the Australian Digital Health Agency, is helping us to understand the impacts of use of MyHR and how GPs currently use the MyHR in practice.

Activity: GP participation in a mock patient consultation in Parkville, then a discussion (approx 1 hr)

Reimbursement: $200 gift voucher

Find out more: Dr Rachel Canaway, Phone: (03) 8344 3392

7. Management of female urinary incontinence (UI) – A pilot study

Little is known about how GPs respond to women seeking their help for UI, nor about GPs referrals to other health care providers for UI treatment and support.

Activity: GPs who have encountered female patients experiencing UI (20-30 minutes phone or face-to-face interview)

Find out more: Morgan Kent (MPH student), Phone: 0490 507 694

8. GPs’ perspectives on exercise and nutrition across the cancer journey

Little is known about issues faced by GPs around giving advice and making recommendations about exercise and nutrition to patients with cancer.

Activity: Seeking GPs who treat at least one patient with cancer per week for phone interview (approx 20 mins – with reimbursement for time)

Find out more: Ms Jamie Waterland, Phone: (03) 8559 8223