Can an online clinical prediction tool help target depression care? The Target-D RCT

The Target-D RCT is testing whether using an online tool to triage people with depressive symptoms into tailored management plans is effective in improving depressive symptoms and broader functioning, relative to usual care. Recruitment for this study began in April 2016 and came to an end in December 2017. We are thrilled that over this period, over 18,000 patients completed an iPad screening questionnaire in 14 GP waiting rooms across Melbourne and almost 1,900 were randomly allocated to receive the study intervention or usual care.

If the Target-D model for depression management is clinically and cost-effective, implementation into practice could reduce unnecessary treatment burden and improve allocation of treatment resources.

We are currently following up all our participants to see how things have gone over their 12 month involvement in the study, and look forward to sharing the results with you early next year. Stay tuned!