Upcoming Conference - Sustainable Change in the Health Sector

The Safer Families CRE is pleased to announce its inaugural International Domestic Violence and Health Conference: Sustainable Change in the Health Sector.

To be held in Melbourne, Australia, on 21-22 November, 2018, this dynamic and interactive conference will focus on

  • Health sector and technological responses to domestic violence
  • Early intervention with women, children, young people, and Indigenous families and communities at risk of experiencing family and domestic violence, and with fathers who use violence in their relationships.

Call for abstracts open Friday 2 March, 2018. For guidelines and to submit an abstract go to www.saferfamilies.org.au/idvh-2018

Key speakers will be:

  • Claudia Garcia-Moreno, World Health Organisation
  • Harriet MacMillan, McMaster University, Canada
  • Gene Feder, University of Bristol, UK
  • Kelsey Hegarty, University of Melbourne
  • Cathy Humphreys, University of Melbourne
  • Stephanie Brown, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
  • Elizabeth (Libby) Hindmarsh, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Karen Glover, South Australia Health & Medical Research Institute
  • Jane Koziol-McLain, Auckland University of Technology
  • Jo Spangaro, University of New South Wales

The conference will interest academics, survivors, health professionals, community leaders, policymakers and early to mid-career scholars.

Registrations open 27 April, 2018 www.saferfamilies.org.au/idvh-2018