Welcome to the eight Doctor of Medicine Research Project (MDRP2) students

Vellyna Sumarno

Vellyna is undertaking her project with supervisor’s Dr Jade Bilardi and Prof Meredith Temple-Smith and her research question is ‘What are the current practices, roles and resources for Australian general practitioners providing continuing care of couples who have experienced an early miscarriage?’.

Samuel Sher

Sam is undertaking his project with supervisors Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, Dr Jenny Walker and Dr Stephen McNally (Penington Institute) and his research questions is ‘What are health practitioners views of the Mansfield Intervention, which aims to control ICE and other drugs in the community?’.

Thivagar Yogaparan

Thivvy is undertaking his research project with supervisor’s Dr Jenny Walker, Prof Jon Emery and Sibel Saya and his research question is ‘What are the views of gastroenterologists regarding the implementation of the new National guidelines on Aspirin use to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer?’.

Huy Do

Huy is undertaking his research project with supervisor’s Dr Phyllis Lay and Dr Hanny Calache and his research question is ‘What are the key components of an effective multidisciplinary educational/training program for the prevention and management of diabetes and periodontitis?’.

Sophea Ing

Sophea is undertaking her research project with supervisor’s Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis and Dr Rachel Canaway and her research question is ‘What do people attending general practice think about their electronic medical records being used for research?’.

Jessica Roberts

Jess is undertaking her research project with supervisor’s Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis and Dr Darshini Ayton (Monash University) and her research question is ‘What factors do patients associate with positive and negative outcomes of total knee replacements for osteoarthritis?’.

Shirley Chen

Shirley is undertaking her research project with supervisor’s Prof Lena Sanci and Prof Meredith Temple-Smith and her research questions is ‘What are the essential elements for a co-designed, evidence-based intervention, implemented by medical students, for the promotion of health literacy in secondary school students?’.

David Morgan

David is undertaking his research project with supervisor’s Prof Lena Sanci and Prof Meredith Temple-Smith and his research question is ‘How can we best implement and assess the success of a co-designed, medical student implemented, intervention in disadvantaged secondary schools aiming to improve health literacy and health outcomes among adolescents?’.