Grant Success!

The cancer team have had outstanding grant success with three new trials having been funded. All three have a focus on bowel cancer.

SCRIPT and Should I Take Aspirin (SITA) are both led by Jon Emery. SCRIPT has been funded through Cancer Australia’s Priority Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme. It is a study that looks at whether a genomic test to tell someone their personal risk of bowel cancer encourages them to do their bowel cancer screening. SITA has been funded by Victorian Cancer Agency and is a trial that looks at a decision aid to support informed choices about taking aspirin to prevent bowel cancer and other chronic disease.

SmartScreen has also been funded by Victorian Cancer Agency. This trial involves Jon Emery collaborating with Jennifer McIntosh from Monash University looking at patient narrative SMS from general practice to increase participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in Victoria.

We're excited about the potential of these new trials to improve cancer screening and prevention of bowel cancer.