VicREN: ‘Informing Future Models of Care’ interactive discussion series

General practice has recently seen innovation and swift adaptation of models of care. With the government’s ten-year primary care plan being developed, it’s time to act to influence the future models of care that will be adopted to best serve the population and GP workflow.

VicREN, the Department of General Practice’s primary care practice-based Research and Education Network has established a series of interactive online forums on Future Models of Care related to general practice and community health. The first on 23rd June 2020 brings together VicREN members and others to share experiences and opinions on telehealth, to inform research, education and advocacy efforts around this topic.

If you are interested in this online discussion series, please email the VicREN Manger:

About VicREN

VicREN is a thriving primary care practice-based research and education network (PBRN) that has been part of the Department of General Practice since 2007. Membership is free, no obligation and quick to complete online. VicREN also provides a consultancy, trial and recruiting service for researchers.

VicREN – Research members are providing with opportunities to contribute to research development in a variety of ways, network, and attend research and education related events. Long-time GP member Dr Debra Wilson recommends VicREN to her “curious GP colleagues” in her testimonial. She is grateful for the opportunities that VicREN has providing including seeing “ideas evolve into meaningful, practical knowledge and research”.

e-PBRN / Data for Decisions

VicREN also supports an e-network of over 120  Data for Decisions general practices. Since 2019 de-identified data from these practices has been used by approved researchers on a growing number of research projects that are striving to make a difference to general practice and patient care.

More information

VicREN Manager, Dr Rachel Canaway