Introducing our new Academic Registrars

Rochelle Sleaby is a second-year GP Registrar on the MACH-Track. Her interests lie in translating data, technology and digital health intervention research to disease prevention in general practice.

Research: Rochelle will be working with Prof Dougie Boyle, A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis and Dr Rachel Canaway. Her project is titled: Understanding General Practice perspectives and data repositories to prevent Type 2 diabetes after gestational diabetes.

Teaching: Rochelle will be assisting with the third-year Medical Student cancer workshops, written assessments and ‘Chat with a GP Registrar’ sessions.

Fun fact: Rochelle loves a weekend sleep-in, a latte +/- almond croissant, and a walk along the beach or in the bush!

Daniel Petzke is a second-year GP Registrar. His interests lie in chronic disease detection and management in primary care, and how we can use quantitative data and increasing digitisation to improve this.

Research: Daniel will be working with A/Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis and Dr Christine Hallinan. His project is titled: Quality indicators for the detection and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in primary care: An exploratory study using electronic medical record (EMR) data in Australia, Singapore and Canada.

Teaching: Daniel will be assisting with the MD3 cardiometabolic workshops, marking written assessments and exams and participating in the MD3 “Chat With a Registrar” sessions.

Fun fact: In his spare time Daniel likes to practice his Danish and go running with his collie-mix Billie.