Future Health Today expanding with new disease recommendations for primary care

In a time of accelerating evidence generation and proliferation of guidelines, Future Health Today provides primary care practitioners with easy access to the latest recommendations to support their clinical decision making.

Future Health Today features a point-of-care clinical decision-making tool and an associated portal for proactive cohort management and resources for clinicians and patients.

In addition to current Future Health Today modules that cover: individualised patient care, recommendations for chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer risk, atrial fibrillation and hypercholesterolaemia, Future Health Today is working with research teams to develop an exciting range of new modules. These will include recommendations related to: syphilis, hepatitis B, gestational diabetes, menopause, prescribing, breathlessness, cancer risk and hearing health.

If your general practice would like to join the Future Health Today network or if you are involved in a research project and would like to discuss a new recommendation module, please get in touch with the team – contact-fht@unimelb.edu.au