Primary Care Cancer Research Group New Location

The Primary Care Cancer Research Group have moved to the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Grattan Street. The cancer team: Prof Jon Emery, Dr Sharon Licqurish, Ashleigh Qama, Emily Habgood, Kristi Milley, Mary Kyriakides, Dr Jenny Walker and Kitty Novy have settled in during the last month, and are looking forward to welcoming Beck Bergin, Natalie Appleby, Mary Hyunh and Sibel Saya and two new staff members who will be joining them very soon.



Research and clinical services are co-located under the one roof at the VCCC and our research group is on Level 10 with the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health in the ‘dry research’ area. Their immediate neighbours include Professor Mark Jenkins’ research group and Melbourne Health which makes our existing collaborations easy to manage.

The new working space has fabulous views and natural light, and all staff are adjusting well to the open plan design.