CRE leveraging use of smart devices and digital technology

The NHMRC CRE in Digital Technology to Transform Chronic Disease Outcomes aims to transform Australia’s digital health ecosystem by undertaking research that will leverage the ubiquitous availability of smart devices and digital technology to improve the health and wellbeing of people with or at risk of chronic conditions. The CRE’s Chief Investigators come from the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Griffith University and Macquarie University in Australia and Palo Alto and Stanford Universities in USA. The CRE’s work program is optimising the use of existing interactive digital technologies and integrating them with current health care delivery in order to significantly improve current approaches to chronic disease prevention and management. The centre is developing and validating new research methods and paradigms to advance the new field of digital population health and to create digitally enabled health consumers, practitioners and researchers. The centre is also developing the digital health and medical research workforce by providing training opportunities for new researchers, particularly those with a capacity for independent research and future leadership roles.

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