Academic Promotions

Dr Amanda McKenzie and Dr Minerva Kyei-Onanjiri of the SAFE Team as well as Dr Sibel Saya of the Cancer Team and have all been promoted to Research Fellows. Dr Cath Kaylor-Hughes of the Mental Health Team has also been promoted to Senior Research Fellow.

The promotion process aims to ensure that:

  • Promotion of academic staff recognises and rewards sustained high achievement.
  • Equity, transparency and fairness in all decisions related to promotion.
  • Judgments about promotion are:
    • Made on whole-of-career achievements relative to opportunity with particular attention given to the recent achievements of staff
    • Included within their current Work Focus Category
    • Informed by the staff member's performance in performance reviews (Performance Development Framework)
    • Made by committees of peers through a process designed to enable fair and consistent application of standards
    • Made across the four dimensions of academic performance that form the University’s Academic Performance Framework (APF)—activity, engagement, quality and impact—and the Academic Career Benchmarks and Indicators (ACBI), taking into account differences between disciplines and fields of study.

Head of Department Professor Lena Sanci publicly acknowledged all four successful staff members’ achievements and said that "applying for promotion is a challenging process and requires hard work and courage to ‘put yourself forward’ for assessment by senior academic colleagues".