Students in Primary Care Research Committee (SPCR)

SPCR thanks outgoing and welcomes incoming members

At the recent AGM, incoming members were welcomed, while the outgoing chairs and members were praised for their hard work during the year. Highlights included regular "Shut Up and Write" sessions, the writing retreat, and the social events.

Many new student members have recently joined the SPCR, and with a majority of SPCR members in attendance, the turn-out was strong at the AGM. The SPCR was pleased to announce Jason Chiang and Renee Fiolet as new Co-Chairs for 2017. Giulia Depangher was elected Treasurer and Mandy McKenzie has taken on the role of Secretary.

This year the student group is focussing on supporting each other in writing with the continuation of writing sessions and the writing retreat held in beautiful Daylesford in late August.

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