2017 National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence (NCHDV)

The NCHDV conference highlights the latest research and promising practices to advance the health care system’s response to domestic and sexual violence, bringing together the field’s leading medical, public health, and domestic violence experts from across the world.

The biennial NCHDV, hosted by the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence was held in San Francisco over 2 days in late September. The conference had a specific focus on the intersecting issues of health, domestic/sexual violence (D/SV) and violence as a social determinant of health this year.

PhD Candidate Carol O’Dwyer utilised her 2017 DGP travel scholarship to attend the conference. She presented a poster on the background, literature review, method and preliminary findings of her PhD research on Gender Sensitive Care for women in acute psychiatric settings who have experienced sexual violence and found it an excellent opportunity to network with the leading US scholars on this subject. Carol said that apart from the location, the highlight of the conference was the diversity of topics and presenters on show, particularly Kaiser Permanente’s research.

For more information on Carol’s research, email her on carol.odwyer@unimelb.edu.au

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