Urine sample collection in young children. What’s the catch?

Call for GPs: research interviews, tell us about the barriers and enablers to collecting urine samples from young children in primary care.

Collecting urine samples can be difficult for young pre-continent children.

We would like understand how GPs actually do this in practice.

This will guide further research to improve methods and guidelines.

Would you be interested in a 20-30 minute interview, by phone or in-person?

Participating clinics are eligible for a free paediatric Practice Education Session.

(30 minutes, conducted by a paediatrician, 1 CPD point).

Research team: Dr Jonathan Kaufman, Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, A/Prof Lena Sanci

Contact: Dr Jonathan Kaufman, email: jkaufman@unimelb.edu.au

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More Information

Dr Jonathan Kaufman