New Honours Research Students

Meet our 11 new Honours Research Students.

Our new Honours Research Students

Georgia Parker
Georgia’s project is focused around the Royal Women’s Hospital workplace support program for staff who have experienced domestic violence. She will interview hospital managers who are trained to support these staff to determine their perceptions of the program. Her supervisors are Professor Kelsey Hegarty and Ms Elizabeth McLindon.

Elena Harty
Elena’s project is concerned with a novel colorectal cancer risk assessment tool for people aged 40-74 in a primary care setting. She is testing the acceptability of a patient self-completed tool, and subsequently will identify the prevalence of colorectal cancer risk in primary care. Her supervisors are Professor Jon Emery and Dr Jenny Walker.

Warra Waday
Warra’s project is considering the views of health care professionals on the use and deprescribing of statins in patients aged 80 years and older.  The topic is connected to issues associated with polypharmacy and methods to reduce it. His supervisors are Dr Phyllis Lau and Dr Jane Crowe.

Molly Wellington
Molly’s project is around reproductive coercion and how health professionals understand and respond to women experiencing this form of violence. She will be interviewing nurses and doctors at The Women’s hospital. She is supervised by Dr Laura Tarzia, Professor Kelsey Hegarty and Dr Jennifer Marino.

Saed Fahd
Saed’s project explores the views and practices of GPs when confronted with patients who are seeking medical interventions promoted as ‘stem cell’ treatments. He is working in collaboration with Stem Cells Australia under the supervision of Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, A/Prof Megan Munsie and Dr Claire Tanner.

Lily Claringbold
Lily’s project is investigating the factors that influence young women’s contraceptive choices. She will be interviewing university students about their opinions and experiences of choosing a method of contraception, in particular exploring whether their mothers had a significance influence. Her supervisors are Prof Meredith Temple-Smith and A/Prof Lena Sanci.

Chythra Meethal
Chythra’s project investigates the experiences of GPs, dentists and community pharmacists in halitosis management. Her project is the first phase of the 3-phased ‘Say Ahh’ project, which aims to create a collaborative care model for better management of patients with halitosis. She is supervised by Dr Phyllis Lau and Prof. Ivan Darby (Melbourne Dental School).

Benjamin Chan
Benjamin is working on the STOP trial – a deprescribing protocol to help long-term antidepressants users cease safely and appropriately. He is specifically looking into the role of written information and how it might be modelled to assist this process. Currently he is in the midst of devising an information brochure that will later be presented to patients for feedback. His supervisors are Dr Susie Fletcher and Professor Jane Gunn.

Thomas Gladman
Thomas’ project will be a secondary analysis of baseline data collected in the GP-OSMOTIC trial. He will be researching the association of glycaemic variability and time in target with diabetes-related distress and diabetes-specific quality of life. His supervisors are A/Prof John Furler and Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis.

Sarah Khine
Sarah Khine’s research aims to understand the experiences of Burmese refugee women on maternal health services, particularly during the 6-week post natal check in Victoria. This project will identify resources/tools to enhance the maternal health services in Victoria to be more culturally competent. Sarah’s supervisors are Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, Dr Susan Webster and Dr Amita Tuteja.

Jacqueline Kuruppu
Jacqueline’s project explores the mandatory reporting of child abuse. She will be conducting interviews with general practitioners and general practice nurses to explore their experiences of mandatory reporting of child abuse. Her supervisors are Ms Kirsty Forsdike and Professor Kelsey Hegarty.