Trialling a promising treatment for COVID-19 infections and preventing infection amongst household contacts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat early COVID-19 infection with a simple nasal spray! Well – the INHERIT trial is testing that very idea.

Intranasal heparin may be able to treat people with early COVID-19 infection AND prevent infection amongst their close household contacts, helping to reduce the spread of the virus. This trial is of public health significance and general practice outreach can make an important contribution.

VicREN works closely with GPs and practice staff to ensure that general practice has equitable access to relevant trials as part of routine care provided in the general practice setting or as an additional treatment option to usual care.

Is your practice located across the northern regions of Melbourne?

Depending on your capacity, our VicREN team can work with your practice manager to help spread the word about this important study. Our team will be contacting VicREN practice members over the coming months to discuss how your patients can get involved.

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A collaborative study between The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne, Monash University and The Northern Hospital.

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