MDHS Diversity and Inclusions Grant awarded to Dr Ngaree Blow, Ms Madelyne Hudson-Buhagiar & Ms Brooke Conley (2021)

Project title: Developing a First Nations co-tutor model

MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grant awarded to Dr Ngaree Blow, Joanne Bolton & Professor Elizabeth Molloy (2021)

Project title: “Ways of Knowing" program

Melbourne Medical School Indigenous Development Grant awarded to Madelyne Hudson-Buhagiar (2022)

Project title: Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Medical Education,their%20career%20and%20professional%20development.

MDHS Staff Excellence Awards for Excellence in Indigenous Health Education awarded to Dr Ngaree Blow (2022)

The Australian Centre’s Seed Funding 2023 awared to the Wurru Wurru Health Unit

Project title: Creating Inclusive Healthcare Environments: Developing Resources and Best Practices for Healthcare Providers to Effectively Serve the Needs of LGBTQIASB+ patients and community members.

in I, Choong P, Coffin J and Bunzli S. (2020) The University of Western Australia, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Research Grant for “Phase 1 of Enhancing Equity, Collaboration and Culturally secure Osteoarthritis care for Aboriginal Australians (ECCO)

Blow, N, Hudson-Buhagiar, Conley, B. (2021). The University of Melbourne, Diversity and Inclusion Grant for First Nations Tutor co-teaching model