Master of Clinical Education delivers results

Dr Margreet Stegeman is an Alumnus of the Master of clinical Education who is putting what she learnt throughout the course into action and seeing great results.

Margreet credits techniques and approaches to teaching learnt through course as directly informing her teaching which has resulted in feedback like “Margreet has gone above and beyond in developing a teaching approach that is engaging and informative”.  The Masters program opened her eyes to the “full extent of what is involved in teaching and how unbelievably inadequately we are prepared for teaching as clinicians”. Margreet has always been interested in teaching since her days at Medical School but was particularly inspired by those educators who made something very complicated logical, understandable and most of all memorable.

What Margreet found fantastic about the Masters is that she could apply and acquire new knowledge whilst working in the field. Her daily interactions with students, residents and registrars became a wealth of knowledge and a place for experimentation (in a good way) making the learning more interesting and immediately applicable.  Margreet shared that she would never have thought of different teaching  methods if not for the Masters in Clinical Education and for the feedback given by the students. This has made her teaching really enjoyable over the last couple of years as she been continuously learning more about clinical teaching and getting positive feedback along the way.

More information: Master of Clinical Education.