Audrey Lim

Principal supervisor

Professor Clare Delany (Department of Medical Education)

Associate supervisor

Dr Vicki Xafis (National University of Singapore)

Project title

Examining the ethical challenges faced by Physiotherapy clinicians and undergraduate students in Singapore, with the aim of identifying ethics education that effectively prepares students for clinical practice.

Abstract / overview of project

In Singapore’s multi-racial and multi-religious society, very little is known about the ethical dilemmas and professional issues faced by practising physiotherapists in the different healthcare settings. Even less discussed are the perceptions and attitudes of Singapore physiotherapists towards ethics and professionalism, as well as their interpretation and response strategies when faced with such dilemmas.

This study aims to explore and understand the ethical dilemmas faced by physiotherapists practising in different healthcare settings in Singapore and will also delve into their perceptions and attitudes towards ethics and professionalism. With a better understanding of the ethical dilemmas, a more structured and relevant curriculum can be developed for physiotherapy ethics training in Singapore, both for the undergraduate as well as for practising clinicians. The results may also serve as a relevancy check for the current Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) as well as the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) code of professional conduct.