Jo Russell

Principal supervisor

Professor Elizabeth Molloy (Department of Medical Education)

Associate supervisors

Associate Professor Anna Ryan (Department of Medical Education)
Associate Professor Chi Baik (Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education)

Project title

Fostering self-regulated learning in Biomedicine.

Abstract / overview of project

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is a core conceptual framework to understand the cognitive, motivational, and emotional aspects of learning. It encompasses a complex set of processes that are employed by the learner to achieve their learning goals. It is associated with academic success and is therefore espoused as a graduate attribute amongst many educational institutions, at all levels of education, including the University of Melbourne. Graduates with SRL skills are also highly sought after by employers across diverse industries, due to the association of SRL with lifelong learning.

So, we know that it is important for our graduates to be self-regulated learners, but to what extent do we actually foster SRL skills in the classroom across higher education? What are the enabling and disabling influences on educators’ approaches to developing self-regulated learners in the context of Biomedicine?

This research explores approaches to, and influences on, fostering SRL in biomedicine and aims to identify the conditions for success.