Keryn Bolte

Principal supervisor

Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron (Department of Medical Education)

Co supervisors

Dr Charlotte Denniston (Department of Medical Education)
Professor Lisa Bourke (Rural Clinical School)

Project title

Establishing a culture of learning in rural health services

Abstract / overview of project

The aim of this research project is to examine how to create a culture of learning in rural health service organisations. Clearly there is a role to be played by education providers in the training of health professionals, however the involvement of the health care service need not be passive in this process; they are not merely receptacles for student placement experience but have a significant contribution in the maturation of both the novice and the developing health professional (Billett, 2016). It is in the workplace context that health professionals begin to form ideas on where and how their career is structured, be it a specialisation, a clinical context, opportunity for research or indeed, the education and support of future health professionals (Irby, 2014; Martin, Kumar, & Abernathy, 2017).

I am only weeks into enrolling in my PhD, so I have passion but with little direction at this stage! However I am enjoying the literature and I feel I have great support around me so I am sure clarity will follow very soon.