Samantha Tai

Principal supervisor

Dr Caitlin Barr

Associate supervisors

Professor Robyn Woodward-Kron
Professor Richard Dowell

Project title

Patient-Centred Communication in Audiology Education: An Exploration of Perspectives and Practice.

Abstract / overview of project

Patient-centred communication (PCC) is regarded as the cornerstone to quality healthcare delivery and is a key component in several healthcare curriculum. While PCC is gaining recognition in audiology education, students report feeling discomfort when communicating with patients and experienced audiologists rarely displayed patient-centred interactions. To explore the current gaps in PCC education in audiology, the PhD research focused on the teaching and learning of PCC, and how that is realised in student-patient interactions. Findings from this research can inform teaching, learning and assessments of PCC in audiology and other health disciplines where clinical communication education is less well established.

Funding body

HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)