This resource aims to assist you, as a novice qualitative researcher, to develop an understanding of how to conduct qualitative research. It aims to help you “speak qual” (or quoll).

This resource is designed for students undertaking a qualitative research project for the first time. It is suitable for students at all levels (PhD, undergraduate, postgraduate, minor thesis and coursework). You will meet three students (Cameron, Nabreesa, and Leonie) and you can track their journey over four phases until their completion:

Phase one: Getting started - developing a research question
Phase two: Designing the research and submitting the ethics application
Phase three: Analysing the data
Phase four: Bringing it all together and looking back.

Each phase of the research experience raises particular challenges. You can listen to the brief video interview, hear about their challenges and then access resources and ideas which relate specifically to these common experiences and challenges encountered by novice qualitative researchers.

The students encounter many challenges in common and some which are unique to their research question, past experience and circumstances. Each challenge raised is addressed by links to resources.

Begin your qualitative journey