Discovery: Research Scholar Pathway

If you choose to advance your knowledge and skills in research scholarship, in the third year you will undertake Discovery 3: Research Scholar as your Discovery subject, and the following year Discovery 4: Research Scholar.

Discovery  3: Research scholar

Discovery 3: Research Scholar is the first subject dedicated to the Research Scholar pathway in the MD. This subject builds on the foundation level research methods knowledge and skills from prior studies in the MD.

Undertaken as a four-week intensive subject in the third year of the Discovery stream, you will commence work on a research project, under the supervision of an experienced researcher. This is the first step of the research project, which will be continued and completed in the following year in the Discovery 4: Research Scholar subject.

In this subject, prior to the four week intensive, you will work closely with your supervisor and research team to develop your research question. During the four week intensive you will conduct a literature review and propose a detailed research project plan.

The subject will allow you to develop research skills tailored to your project, preparing you to undertake your proposed project in Discovery 4: Research Scholar under the supervision of the same researcher. You will also work collaboratively with your supervisor and research group to establish professional working relationships as a clinician researcher.

Discovery  4: Research scholar

Discovery 4: Research Scholar is a semester long full-time subject, where you will continue to work with your supervisor and research team on the research project that was commenced in Discovery 3: Research Scholar.

In Discovery 4: Research Scholar, you will collect, analyse and interpret data and then present your findings in the form of a journal article-style report, conference poster and oral presentations.

This subject will enable you to establish professional working relationships and develop your own professional identity as an early career clinician-researcher.

This subject will be delivered in Semester 1 of the final year of your course, followed in Semester 2 by your clinical capstone subject, Transition to Practice.


Find out more about the Research Scholar pathway through the Discovery Flexible Pathways brochure  here.