2020 MDHS Award for Professional Excellence and Innovation

Congratulations to Sarah Marcola for being awarded the FMDHS 2020 MDHS Award for Professional Excellence and Innovation; for excellence in value based contributions and achievements, enhancing the overall functioning of the Department of O&G and the MD student experience.

As a recipient of this award, Sarah has been awarded $5,000 to support her career development.

Sarah has been recognised for showing great initiative in creating tools (templates and spreadsheets) to assist Sue in her Head of Department duties and during the peak of the COVID pandemic when Sue was called upon to lead the COVID-19 response team at the Mercy Hospital, Sarah was also capably assisting Sue in that role in supporting committees outside of the normal working hours, whilst making sure that Sue continued to be abreast of key department matters and deadlines.

During this year, Sarah has also been a member of the University’s Professional Staff conference 2020 organising committee and assisted with the organisation of the MMS Women Clinicians in Academia Leadership Symposium (Secretariat); Sarah was instrumental to its success; one only has to ask A/Prof Margie Danchin, who continues to sing Sarah’s praises.

Sarah is also the founder and Chair of the new professional staff network MMS Administration and Professional Staff (MAPS) Network which has a membership of approx.. 60 professional staff in the school and has now held 2 well attended events with the aim of connecting staff, providing a forum to share knowledge, enhance communication and to promote training opportunities.

All in addition to her day job!  Sarah is pivotal to the smooth running of the department and her work ethic aligns with the Faculty values.  Sarah is very deserving of this award and we congratulate her.