Dr Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo receives the 2020 Norman A. Beischer PhD Prize

Congratulations to Dr Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo on receiving the 2020 Norman A. Beischer PhD Prize!

The Norman A. Beischer PhD Prize is presented annually to those successfully awarded a PhD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Mercy Hospital for Women at the recommendation of the Director of Perinatal Medicine.

Dr Nguyen-Ngo submitted her PhD in 2020 (conferred in January 2021) with the thesis titled “Can dietary polyphenols prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes?” under the supervision of Associate Professor Martha Lappas and Dr Jane Willcox.

When the current travel restrictions have eased, the cash prize will be used to support Dr Nguyen-Ngo’s travel to present findings from her PhD at a suitable national/international conference.

We wish Dr Nguyen-Ngo the best of luck in her research endeavours and are very excited to see the outcomes of her future research.

To learn more about the Norman Beischer Medical Research Foundation please visit https://nbmrf.org.au/.