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Melbourne Children's Graduate Research Training

All graduate research students on the Melbourne Children’s Campus are supported by the Melbourne Children’s Graduate Programs team.  With an aim of producing the highest quality research graduates, we provide comprehensive support and training for both students and supervisors in order to provide the best possible environment for success as a research student. The emphasis is on quality – of students, of supervision and of research training.

Whether based in the Department, at the Royal Children's Hospital, at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, or elsewhere, support for students is a priority.

Research students must familiarise themselves with both the University’s Graduate Research Training Policy and policies and procedures of the Melbourne Children’s Campus.

University policies and procedures, including making changes to your candidature can be found on the Graduate Research Hub.

The Department of Paediatrics Graduate Research Student Handbook is a valuable resource which provides an overview of the services and resources available to graduate research students at the Melbourne Children’s Campus.

Induction and Orientation

To help you find your feet, all students receive an induction to the campus by the Graduate Programs team on commencement.  A comprehensive orientation day is held once each year to tell you everything you need to know about being a research student on the campus.

Child and Adolescent Health PhD Program

To further enhance students’ experience, assist with timely completion and improve destination outcomes, the Child and Adolescent Health PhD Program will be offered to enrolled PhD students conducting research on our campus.

Child and Adolescent Health PhD Program


There are a number of scholarships available  to assist research students during their studies.

View available Scholarships

Melbourne Children’s Campus Research Students Association (RSA)

The Melbourne Children’s Campus Research Students Association (RSA) is a student-led body supported by the Department and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute which provides academic and social support for all research students on the Melbourne Children’s Campus. The RSA organises frequent social events, workshops and opportunities for students to showcase their work. They represent students on a number of Melbourne Children’s committees and represent the campus at University of Melbourne events. They also organise the Postgraduate Retreat and manage the 3MT sessions.

Research Students Association (RSA)

Postgraduate Retreat

The Melbourne Children’s Research Student Association runs annual two day retreat for postgraduate research students.  Sponsored by the Department, all accommodation and meals are provided.


The 3MT, a 3 minute presentation supported by a single PowerPoint slide, is an important component of your research degree on the campus.  A research communication competition, the 3MT is designed to develop academic and research communication skills by reducing complex research down to simple lay statements in just three minutes.

Melbourne Children's Graduate Research Committee

Oversight of research students is the responsibility of the Melbourne Children’s Graduate Research Committee.

Key Contacts

  • Carmen Van Tiggel ph +61 3 9345 7021
  • Helen D’Cruz +61 3 9345 6671
  • Hannah Billett +61 3 9345 4752


Department of Paediatrics Graduate Research Student Handbook