Congratulations to Dr Margreet Stegeman

The Department of Rural Health congratulates Dr Margreet Stegeman on her appointment as Deputy Director of Medical Student Education (Sub-Dean) in Shepparton.

Dr Margreet Stegeman is the newly appointed Deputy Director of Medical Student Education (Sub-Dean), Shepparton.

Margreet has been extensively involved in student education at the Department of Rural Health where she first was appointed as Senior lecturer University of Melbourne. In July 2012, Margreet became the Extended Rural Cohort Hub Educator in Shepparton.

In this role she was involved in ensuring the third year Extended Rural Cohort (ERC) students “have the best experience they can have in that year in their GP placements, both academic and socially.”

In her new appointment as Sub-Dean, Margreet is looking forward to facilitating the transition to the new curriculum and creating bonds between the Rural Clinical School and local service providers.

“I aim to help students realise what fantastic opportunities there are rurally to help expand our rural workforce", said Dr Margreet Stegeman.

“I’m looking forward to a new challenge and creating the best learning environment for our students to help them become lifelong learners.”

In addition to her appointment at the University of Melbourne, Margreet is a renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist in Shepparton with a passion for women’s health and education.

Margreet's career and studies have taken her around the world until she finally landed in Australia where she now happily lives in Shepparton with her family.

Born in the Netherlands, she undertook a six-year Medical Doctor course, participated in research during her MD in Nicaragua on local perceptions regarding the treatment of diarrhoea. She worked in Nyanje, Zambia as a Medical Director.

Margreet then travelled to Australia to complete her last half year of obstetrics and gynaecology training at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Margreet and her family loved their time in Australia so decided to stay, and commenced working in Armidale Hospital, NSW.

During her career, Margreet has worked in many locations around Australia including Launceston (TAS), Armidale (NSW) and in Victoria at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Sunshine Hospital and Goulburn Valley Health in Shepparton.

Margreet opened the Shepparton Women’s Health Centre in February 2016, a medical practice with different specialties working together promoting women’s health . Through this role Margreet also has surgical lists at both Kyabram Regional Hospital and Shepparton Private Hospital.

With teaching being one of Margreet’s biggest passions, she decided to complete the Master of Clinical Education at the University of Melbourne in 2016. She was part of the first cohort to complete this course where she now helps with teaching the subject feedback.

“I love being involved in teaching and always have had a role as a teacher, during my training, and as a consultant”, said Margreet.

Outside of work, Margreet enjoys living in regional Victoria. She says it has given her opportunities that she wouldn't have had back in the Netherlands or in the city.

“I love living in Shepparton and even though there are no beaches, rural life has given us so many opportunities such as living on a farm with dogs, cats, goats, space, peace, making wine and planting trees.”

Margreet also participates in the many recreational activities around Shepparton including a local choir, performed with the Shepparton Theatre Arts Group and at the moment swimming with the Goulburn Valley Crocs, masters swimming group.

“My big passions at the moment are staying fit, regular exercising, reading, gardening, aging as best as I can and swimming with the Goulburn Vally Crocs”.

Her next immediate goal is to complete the Magnetic Island Swim with a group of six people from Shepparton, swimming from Magnetic Island to Townsville.

“It’s an eight-kilometre distance, which we’re training hard for, swimming many kilometres per week!”

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