Department of Rural Health Infrastructure project progress update

The Rural Clinical School in Shepparton is preparing for the inaugural intake of 30 rural and regional MD1 students in 2022.

This project involves the construction of new student accommodation and teaching and learning facilities on the existing Shepparton campus. The external cladding is complete and internal works are in progress for both buildings. The site is coming together with the carpark and access road completed and garden bed works underway. Some COVID related lockdowns and restrictions have challenged the construction program, however the student accommodation is currently on track for completion prior to the arrival of the new medical students in early 2022.

As part of the MD curriculum redesign, we’re planning innovative ways to teach the content. The new virtual anatomy table has arrived at the supplier to be ready for installation in the teaching space. Teaching staff are employed and we’re looking forward to addressing the rural medical workforce shortage and creating better long-term health outcomes for regional, rural and remote communities through the graduates of this program.