Mr David Allsopp - 2023

There are 2 fantastic things about working with Justin and his team.

1. PredicTx Colon is disruptive innovation; it is bringing personalised medicine to patients with colorectal cancer and as such it will have a tangible, real-world impact. Being part of this research group has been an opportunity to pursue better outcomes for patients in a way that I have not had previously. As a student, this was pretty cool.

2. As head of the Department of Surgery, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge, both academically and professionally to my project. We were able to meet regularly over the 3 months I was involved. Justin helped me develop an understanding of how to develop a protocol, and made sure I had the best resources to get this done.

I valued his mentorship, and to round out my project, I'm looking forward to joining him in theatre where I can meet the patients from whom this tool is being developed.