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About Us

The Department of Surgery at Western Health is geographically located across two campuses; Footscray Hospital which bears a significant clinical load, and Sunshine Hospital where the Department is located in the  Western Centre for Health Research and Education (WCHRE) that provides a range of purpose built, state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. The WCHRE is home to researchers, academics and educators from Western Health, Victoria University and the University of Melbourne. WCHRE plays a pivotal role in researching diseases that affect local communities, positioning Western Health as a leader in related academic and research fields.

Our Academic Lead

Associate Professor Justin Yeung is the Head of the Department of Surgery, Western Precinct, University of Melbourne and is a consultant colorectal surgeon at Western Health.

Justin graduated from Nottingham University in the U.K. and went on to complete his general surgical and colorectal specialist training in Nottingham.  He then underwent a pelvic floor fellowship in Sheffield, in the United Kingdom before being awarded a HCA International Foundation Scholarship which allowed him to complete a year’s specialist colorectal cancer fellowship at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Justin returned to the U.K. and worked at the University Hospitals of Leicester as a consultant colorectal and pelvic floor surgeon in 2010.  He was then awarded the honorary title of Senior Lecturer in 2016 with the University of Leicester.

In 2017, Justin became the Head of the Department of Surgery, University at Melbourne, at Western Health, and since then has developed research interests in Colorectal Surgery in particular in the field of improving cancer outcomes through multidisciplinary collaboration as well as the development of Registry trials.

Finally, he is keen to support and promote education and training in the clinical environment, in particular with the development of online educational materials.

Key Researchers

Professor Steven Chan, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon

Ms Irene Deftereos, Clinical Research Fellow and PhD Student

Mr Bill Karanatsios, Honorary Fellow Department of Surgery, MPhil Student and Research Program Director, Western Health Office for Research

Ms Aleksandra Djordjevic, MDRP Student, University of Melbourne

Mr Bede Mahon, MDRP Student, University of Melbourne

Mr Reuben Schmidt, MDRP Student, University of Melbourne

Mr Ibrahim Shahid, MDRP Student, University of Melbourne

Staff Members

Mrs Denise Dwyer, Precinct Manager, Northern and Western Health, Melbourne Medical School

Current Research

Prehab optimisation and surgery

Frailty assessment in the elderly surgical patient

Nutritional enhancement in GI Surgery

Exercise and muscle assessment in cancer

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Surgery registry trials

We welcome University of Melbourne medical students to get involved in our current research programs, in particular, as part of the MDRP year

Research Group Collaborations

VCCC Peter MacCallum
Professor Alexander Heriot, Clinical Director of Cancer Surgery, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

Professor Peter Gibbs, Professor of Oncology, Walter and Eliza Hall, Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne

Associate Professor Cathy Said, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne

Mr Oliver Daly, Head of Urogynaecology, Western Health, Melbourne

Professor Helen O’Connell, Head of the Department of Urology, Western Health, Melbourne 

Geriatric Medicine
Dr Elisabeth Feher, Consultant Geriatrician, Western Health, Melbourne

Dr Helen MacCallum, Geriatric Advanced Trainee

Professor Christos Pantelis, NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow, Foundation Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Scientific Director of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre at the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health.

Dr Naveen Thomas, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sunshine Hospital

Professor Gustavo Duque, Professor and Chair of Medicine, Director of AIMSS

Department of Medical Education
Associate Professor Stephen Lew, Director of Medical Education 

Dr Mark Lavercombe, Consultant Respiratory and Sleep Physician


We are keen to develop a strong educational ethos for our students, medical staff as well as allied health professionals. We strive to provide our students with an excellent exposure to surgery; encourage them to be involved in research and for many they return to become doctors and leaders in their field.

We have an active medical student society and we welcome elective students and medical colleagues to visit our department.

Mr Jin Cho, Director of Clinical Training, Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria

Mr Julian Choi, Supervisor of General Surgical Training at Western Health

Honorary Staff

Mr Ian Faragher, Head of Colorectal Unit, Western Health

Associate Professor Val Usatoff,  Head of Upper GI Unit, Western Health

Mr Phong Tran,  Head of Orthopaedics, Western Health

Ms Meron Pitcher, Head of Breast Unit, Western Health

Mr Chris Haw, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Iain Skinner, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Ms Joanne Chionh,  Consultant Endocrine Surgeon

Mr Julian Choi,  Consultant HPB Surgeon and Supervisor of General Surgical Training at Western Health

Mr Raghaven Unni, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Richard Dallalana, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Ms Sophie Nightingale,  Consultant Breast and General Surgeon

Associate Professor Stephen McLaughlin,  Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Mr Toan Pham,  Lecturer in Surgery and Peter MacCallum PhD Student

Mr Bernard Allard,  Head of Vascular Unit, Western Health

Mr Wai Ting Choi,  Head of Plastic Surgery, Western Health

Mr Michael Hong, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


The four level WCHRE contains state-of-the art teaching and research spaces, as well as a spacious atrium ideal for conferences or other meetings. Facilities include:

  • Auditorium, Lecture Theatre and Tutorial teaching spaces
  • Learning Commons
  • Simulation Area
    - Operating Theatre, Intensive Care Unit, 4-Bed Ward
  • Clinical Trials
    -Consulting Rooms, Metabolic Gym, DXA & pQT
  • PC2 Laboratory Facility
    -Cell Culture
    -Radiations room (beta & gamma counter)
    -Confocal Microscope
    -Histology & Microscopy
    -Flow cytometer
    -Seahorse XF24 Analyser
    -Gene and protein analysis
    -Electrophysiology and organ bath experiments
WCHRE LabWestern Lab

Contact Us

Executive Assistant to Associate Professor Justin Yeung

Franca Mobilio
Ph:  +61 3 8395 8116

Programs Officer

Aloka Carbone
Ph:  +61 3 8395 8230


WCHRE Building, Level 3 East
Sunshine Hospital
176 Furlong Road
St Albans, Victoria 3021, Australia