Mr Nicholas Fidler - 2023

I’m a third-year medical student at the University of Melbourne undertaking my MD research project with the Department of Surgery at Western Health. My project is focused on the effect of CT-measured adipose tissue on survival and postoperative outcomes in colorectal cancer.

I would highly recommend that other students consider doing their research project with the team at Western. My supervisor, Professor Justin Yeung, is an excellent mentor and teacher. He’s been a great support throughout my 6-month project. We’ve met regularly to discuss my progress and he has helped me balance the competing demands of research and clinical placement.

The research being done at Western is also really exciting. There is a team of researchers from a range of academic backgrounds who are always open to answering your questions. I’ve enjoyed working on an interesting topic and being able to drive the direction of my research. I’m looking forward to continuing work on the project after completion of MDRS.