2019 Surgical Students Society Rotating Lecture Series

The Surgical Students Society Rotating Lecture Series Kicks Off for 2019.

The 2019 Surgery lecture program, a joint education initiative between the Department of Surgery and the SSSM kicked off with a well attended evening on the 25th February at the Melbourne Medical School building. This year, we have invited eminent surgeons to talk around the theme of “What it is like to be a surgeon and how to become a surgeon in that field?” The aim of the lectures is to deliver an insight into surgical specialties at different precincts in the University of Melbourne campus.

The opening lecture was delivered by Associate Professor Justin Yeung from Western Health who took the 80 strong student audience through a journey of becoming a colorectal surgeon, described what the attraction of doing colorectal surgery was, discussed the importance of developing a track record of research as well as highlighted how medical students can get the most out of their university placements.

It was an interactive session which concluded with many career centered questions from the students.

Further information about the 2019 lecture series program can be obtained by contacting the Surgical Students Society of Melbourne