MRFF Grant Success

Congratulations to Associate Professor Niall Corcoran and colleagues for being awarded $2 million by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to progress their Platform to Enhance Prostate Cancer Shared care Integration (PEPSI) project.

Niall Corcoran

This study aims to improve shared care by linking data across primary and tertiary settings using Steera®, a cloud-based platform which is technology agnostic. The researchers aim to demonstrate that this platform enables the safe and effective care of prostate cancer survivors in the community, leading to better outcomes, significant hospital avoidance, comprehensive data collection, and cost savings.

The team working on this project include:

The project is funded by the MRFF’s Primary Healthcare Research Data Infrastructure initiative.

The Department of Surgery is thrilled for Associate Professor Niall Corcoran and congratulate him and the team on this outstanding effort.