Department of Surgery Translational Research Grant for 2023

Associate Professor Chi Luu wins Department of Surgery Transnational Research Grant for 2023!

A new non-invasive approach for the treatment of proliferative vitreoretinopathy.

Chief Investigator:  A/Prof Chi Luu, PhD
(Project Leader)

Associate Professor Chi Luu is a Principal Research Scientist at the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) and the Department of Surgery (Ophthalmology). He is recognised as an international expert in clinical, translational and basic research in retinal disease, with over 170 original research peer-reviewed publications and 6 book chapters. In recognition of his active and professional leadership role in ophthalmology and vision science research he was awarded Fellow of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (USA). He has also been elected as a member of the eminent Macula Society (USA) in recognition of his work in age-related macular degeneration research.

Project overview: Proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) is a serious complication of retinal detachment and the commonest cause for failure of retinal detachment repair. It is characterized by the growth of contractile membranes that cause scarring across the retina with tractional retinal detachment and chronic retinal folds. Surgery remains the only option to remove scar tissue from the retinal surface in patients with PVR, but it is associated with intrinsic risks. This proposal aims to validate a polyphenolic compound 3’,4’-dihydroxyflavonol (DiOHF) as a novel pharmacological treatment for PVR. This is built upon the known anti-scarring action of DiOHF in preclinical models of ocular fibrosis. The development of a new non-invasive form of anti-scarring eyedrops has the potential to address the urgent need for a more efficacious and nonsurgical treatment for PVR.

Project Budget: $39,975

Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin, MD, FRANZCO
Dr Elsa Chan, PhD
Dr Carla Abbott, PhD
A/Prof Penelope Allen, MBBS, FRANZCO
Mr Rowan Nielson

Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin, MD, FRANZCO (Project Leader)

Join us in congratulating Associate Professor Chi Luu and his team on this exciting win!