Can I set up my own Vocational Selective?

Yes.  Students are encouraged to set up selectives in disciplines in which they are particularly interested from a vocational point of view. As per the above, students MUST consult with the relevant clinical school or department before approaching a potential supervisor.

What happens if I don't want to or can't set up my own selective?

You will be able to choose a selective that has been proposed by a supervisor.

Can I do my Vocational Selective interstate or overseas?

No.  Selectives must be undertaken within the Melbourne Medical School's network of clinical placement sites throughout Victoria, with a supervisor who has a current connection to the Medical School.

What happens if I can't set up or choose a selective in the exact discipline or location that I want?

Flexibility will improve your chances of satisfaction. You should be able to gain the knowledge and experience you need in a different location or a similar discipline.

Do I have to spend all of my time in public hospitals?

No.  Where appropriate, supervisors are encouraged to take their students to their private rooms and into private hospitals (with the hospital's approval).  This model has been well embedded in general practice and in rural areas for many years.

What about insurance?

MD students undertaking an approved Vocational Selective are automatically covered by the University's public liability and professional indemnity policies, whether in public or private clinical settings.
Details are available.

Why are we all asked to keep Thursday afternoons for self-study?

Ideally, students will arrange to come together in their local areas at these times to discuss their selectives and to meet with their Transition to Practice mentor. It may be that Thursday afternoons are unsuitable (for example there is a valuable learning opportunity which unavoidably clashes). On the whole it is expected that you will spend time with your peers and Transition to Practice mentor, reflecting on and consolidating the learning experiences from the Vocational Selective.

I have a question not covered above – where can I get an answer?

Any queries can be directed to vocationalselective-info@unimelb.edu.au.