Mobile Learning Unit

An evolution in Mobile Learning: The Melbourne Medical School Mobile Learning Unit

How do we educate time poor healthcare professionals who have to juggle busy work and family schedules?

The mobile learning unit provides health care professionals with the flexibility to engage and upskill anywhere and anytime.  Education is portable with courses accessible across multiple platforms, including tablets and mobile phones, and structured to optimise the learning experience. Content is divided into a series of small blocks, which layer to form a tutorial, building knowledge in stages. A learning unit can be completed in a matter of minutes and users are in complete control of their learning pace. Courses can be progressed or suspended, when necessary, to balance learning with other commitments.

The Mobile Learning Unit

The mobile learning unit was established by the Melbourne Medical School to support academics to create and deliver portable and flexible continuing professional development. The unit is led by Professor Alistair Royse and Professor Colin Royse, who are co-directors of eLearning Technology, Melbourne Medical School who are passionate about advanced e-learning and have more than 14 years of experience in developing and evolving Mobile Learning solutions tailored for health care professionals.

Engage with e-learning

If you are interested in creating a mobile learning program, we would love to hear from you and help you explore the possibilities. We support academics through the entire process, with end-to-end project management, development, execution and maintenance support.  This makes your task as an educator clear, you focus on creating content and we manage the rest, helping you achieve your goal of creating a successful course.

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