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Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound
MEDI90049 Principles of Ultrasound and iHeartScan 
MEDI90054Ultrasound Guided Procedures - ICU
MEDI90054Ultrasound Guided Procedures - ANA
MEDI90050Doppler Echocardiography 
MEDI90051 Ventricular Function 
MEDI90102Vessel, nerves, lungs and musculoskeletal 
MEDI90100Abdominal scanning and Peri-arrest Ultrasound 
MEDI90101Obstetrics Gynaecology and Practicum
Graduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound
MEDI90056Advanced Anatomy and Doppler Analysis
MEDI90057Advanced Valve and Aortic Pathology 
MEDI90058Applications of Echocardiography 
MEDI90059Advanced Echocardiography
Masters in Clinical Ultrasound
MEDI90046Echocardiography and New Technologies 
MEDI90083Research Methods and Ultrasound Literature 
MEDI90047Congenital, Obstetric and Medical Conditions
Graduate Diploma in Perioperative Medicine