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    Tom Poulton

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Sprint National Anaesthesia Project 3 (SNAP 3)

There is a continuing global increase in number of older people undergoing surgery. As the body ages its physiological reserves decline, which can result in an increased vulnerability to acute stressors, such as the process of undergoing and recovering from surgery. This increased vulnerability is known as frailty.

Rates of multimorbidity and frailty increase with age, and delirium is a key perioperative organ dysfunction in older patients. The relationships between these separate clinical entities are complex and are not fully understood. Understanding their epidemiology in the perioperative setting is key to improving the perioperative care provided for older patients. Evaluating the current assessment and management of these conditions will provide insight into the optimal provision of perioperative care and risk stratification for this growing cohort of patients.

The study aims to describe the epidemiology and impact of frailty, multimorbidity, and delirium in 12,000 people ≥60 years old, undergoing surgery in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The study will:

  1. Examine the roles of frailty, delirium, and multimorbidity in predicting perioperative outcomes.
  2. Describe the variations in frailty- and delirium-related assessments and interventions.
  3. Identify associations between frailty-related interventions and outcome.

It is hoped these findings will inform evidence-based practice to most effectively distribute resources and allow us to understand what constitutes excellent care for older people having surgery.


Chief Investigator: Dr. Tom Poulton

Co-investigators: Dr David Highton, Allison Kearney

Study Coordinator: Gayle Claxton


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Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

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