Critical Care

Research in Critical Care integrates the cross-cutting disciplines of emergency medicine, anaesthesia and intensive care to influence policy and practice for improved safety, quality, and cost effectiveness of caring for the critically ill.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
7-SIGMA Study Principal Investigator Dr Lachlan Miles Critical Care
Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Professor and Head, APPMU; Director, Melbourne Clinical and Translational Science Research Platform (MCATS) David Story
Critical Care
ASAP Study Professor David Story Critical Care
Asia Pacific Research Accelerator (APRA) Program Professor Mingguang He Surgery
Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society Professor Mingguang He Surgery
Cancer in Primary Care General Practice
Cardiothoracic Surgery Professor Alistair Royse
Chewy Trial Principal Investigator Dr Jai Darvall Critical Care
Chronic Kidney Disease in the Management of people with Type 2 Diabetes in General Practice Project Leader Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis General Practice
Clinical ethics Professor George Braitberg
Critical Care
Clinical Ethics Study Principal Investigator Professor George Braitberg AM Critical Care
Cultural Respect Encompassing Simulation Training (CREST) Project Leader Dr Phyllis Lau General Practice
DAEUM Study Head of Research Program Professor David Story Critical Care
Development of an automated web-based screening system for eye diseases Professor Mingguang He Surgery
Diabetes and Cardio-Metabolic Conditions Research Program Leader Professor John Furler
General Practice
Diagnosis, Management and Outcomes of Depression in the Primary Care Setting (The Diamond 10-year Cohort Study) Project Leader Professor Jane Gunn General Practice
Emerging Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine Research Group Leader Dr Irani Thevarajan
Infectious Diseases
Focused cardiac and lung ultrasound in clinical care Co-Director Professor Colin Royse Surgery
Fostering Health: Examining health care systems for children and young people in Out-of-Home Care Honorary Research Fellow Dr Susan Webster General Practice
Guangzhou Twin Eye Study Professor Mingguang He Surgery
International Register of Meta-Research (IRMR) Principal Investigator Dr Georgina Imberger Critical Care
Irani Thevarajan Dr Irani Thevarajan
Infectious Diseases
Joseph Epstein Centre for Emergency Medicine Research Director, JECEMR Professor Anne-Maree Kelly
Let's talk about medical research: research equity for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) patients Robyn Woodward-Kron Medical Education
Malaria and Immunology Research Group Leader Associate Professor Siddhartha Mahanty
Infectious Diseases
Management of acute decompensated heart failure in inpatients with diabetes Project Leader Dr Elif Ekinci Medicine
Melbourne Clinic Research Psychiatry
Meta-Research Dr Georgina Imberger
Critical Care
Mindfulness, cognitive processes and coping in chronic illness: insights from a study of joint replacement surgery Professor Peter Choong Surgery
MUM SIZE Study Head of Research Program Professor David Story Critical Care
NATO Study Principal Investigator Dr Lachlan Miles Critical Care
New genes and treatments for inherited renal disease Project Lead Prof Judy Savige Medicine
Jennifer Philip Group Leader Professor Jennifer Philip
Placental Stem Cells Deputy Head of Research, Director Head of the Stem Cell Laboratory Dr Bill Kalionis Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Point of Care Ultrasound Simulation Education Dr David Canty Surgery
POISE-3 Trial Principal Investigator Professor Kate Leslie AO FAHMS Critical Care
Postoperative Quality of Recovery Co-director Colin Royse
Preterm Labour Senior Research Fellow Dr Harry Georgiou Obstetrics and Gynaecology
PROMPT BOLUS Study Critical Care
RedOX Survey Principal Investigator Dr Megan Allen Critical Care
Research projects Critical Care
ROCKet Trial Principal Investigator Professor Philip Peyton Critical Care
SCRIPT Trial: A Randomised Controlled Trial utilising a genomic test as an intervention providing personalised bowel cancer screening information Trial Coordinator Dr. Sibel Saya,

General Practice
Sepsis Professor Rinaldo Bellomo
Critical Care
Siddhartha Mahanty Associate Professor Siddhartha Mahanty
Infectious Diseases
SMARTERScreen: A Randomised Controlled Trial based on evidence from SMARTScreen utilising SMS messages to prompt patients overdue with bowel cancer screening Trial Coordinator Ms Anna Wood,

General Practice
SNAKE Study Principal Investigator Associate Professor Bill Nimo Critical Care
SNAP3 Study Principal Investigator Tom Poulton Critical Care
SNaPP Study Principal Investigator Professor Kate Leslie AO FAHMS Critical Care
Student Engagement and Experience Professor Clare Delany
Medical Education
Study Critical Care
The Arthroplasty and Bariatric Surgery (ABS) Study: a randomised controlled trial of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding prior to total knee arthroplasty Professor Peter Choong Surgery
The effects of glucocorticoids on glycaemic control in pregnant women with gestational diabetes Shane Hamblin
The ENCORE Study Dr Julia Dubowitz Critical Care
The fear of medical error: A growth mindset approach to ‘second victim’ support Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Medical School and Professor, Melbourne Business School Professor Jill Klein Medical Education
The MARKA Study: Maximum Acceptable Risk of complication in total Knee Arthroplasty Dr Michelle Dowsey Surgery
They do tell you a lot. Supporting staff who support Medical Students Associate Professor Eleanor Flynn Medical Education
Toxicology A/Professor Jonathan Knott
Critical Care
Transoesophageal echoardiography in cardiac surgery Co-director Colin Royse
TRICS-IV Trial Principal Investigator Professor David Scott Critical Care
Ultrasound Education Group Co-director Professor Colin Royse
Co-director Professor Alistair Royse
VAPOR-C Trial Principal Investigator Professor Bernhard Riedel Critical Care
Virtual Reality Surgery Simulation Professor Stephen O'Leary
Ways of Thinking and Ways of Doing (WoTWoD) - An Indigenous Cultural Respect Program in General Practice Project Leader Dr Phyllis Lau General Practice
Web-based automated vision testing for cataract surgery outcome monitoring Professor Mingguang He Surgery
WeHELP Study Principal Investigator Professor David Story Critical Care
ZOC-BHVI High Myopia Cohort Study Professor Mingguang He Surgery