Candidate perceptions of the Multiple Mini Interview as a Selection Tool for Medicine

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Multiple Mini Interviews have been widely implemented as part of the selection process for initial training in medicine and other health professions, for internship and for residency specialisations. Most research on MMIs has focused on the reliability of the assessment, or their validity as a selection instrument. There is some indication that MMI candidates perceive that these interviews provide opportunities to recover from a single poor performance, to be fairer, less stressful and more enjoyable, and to provide a more accurate impression of their abilities than traditional interviews. Overall, however, there has been very little research on the perceptions of candidates about undertaking MMIs and little consideration of the influence of candidate characteristics on their perceptions of the process. Most research considering the perceptions of MMI candidates has been conducted outside of Australia and may not accurately reflect the experiences of applicants to Australian universities.

The current research explored the perceptions of two cohorts of candidates seeking admission to the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Physiotherapy degrees about their experience of undertaking MMIs. The research considered aspects of the MMIs such as candidates’ perceptions of fairness, their satisfaction, the extent to which they prepared, positive and negative aspects and any suggested improvements. The research also considered whether perceptions of the MMIs varied according to candidate characteristics (e.g., their undergraduate training, their professional experiences, and prior experiences of selection interviews).

The current research provides an opportunity to explore the perceptions of candidates seeking admission to an Australian university about participating in MMIs for selection to health professional training and will enable comparison with the small body of international literature.


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Reid, KJ, Dodds, AE, Flynn, E. Candidate Perceptions of the Multiple Mini Interview as a Selection Tool for Medicine. Australasian Student Selection for the Health Professions Conference, 8–10 April 2015.

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