Medical Education Research

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2014-2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant

Art in medicine programs: Student, academic, and practitioner perspectives

Candidate perceptions of the Multiple Mini Interview as a Selection Tool for Medicine

Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation

Research group lead: Agnes Dodds

The Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation group undertakes research in a broad range of areas related to the development, implementation and evaluation of entry to practice and other medical programs.

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Development of a Study Diary Application

Experiences of working as a Urological Teaching Associate teaching sensitive exams: A qualitative study

Guiding assessment for learning in Indigenous health

Healthcare Communication

Research group lead: Robyn Woodward-Kron

The Healthcare Communication group investigates health professional-patient interactions, inter and intra-professional communication, and learner medical discourses to inform health professional education.

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Predicting achievement in medical school: The role of selection measures and student characteristics

Refinement of Feedback in Progress Testing

Student Engagement and Experience

Research group lead: Clare Delany

The Student Engagement and Experience group undertakes research into the student/health professional experience of learning in different stages of the professional practice journey. Research from this group examines factors which influence student learning.

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The fear of medical error: A growth mindset approach to ‘second victim’ support

They do tell you a lot. Supporting staff who support Medical Students