Guiding assessment for learning in Indigenous health

Project Details

The project aims to (1) investigate assessment approaches used by academics involved in teaching Indigenous health at the masters level; (2) compare current assessment and teaching practices with educational theory and with learning goals stipulated by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) at masters level learning ; and (3) develop practical teaching resources to inform and guide effective assessment for learning in Indigenous health.

The project team represents a collaboration between academics across Australia and New Zealand, all of whom are involved in educational research and/or Indigenous health research and teaching. The project aims to further advance the scholarship of Indigenous health education by examining current teaching and assessment practices at a master’s level and mapping them against specified higher education standards of learning, and pedagogies of teaching and learning


Dr Lachlan Doughney, Project Officer


Project Leads:

  • Professor Clare Delany
  • Professor Shaun Ewen
  • Partner institutions and project team:
    • The University of Melbourne
    • Professor Clare Delany (co-project leader),
    • Professor Shaun Ewen (co-project leader),
    • Associate Professor Louise Harms,
    • Associate Professor Louisa Remedios,
    • Dr Patricia Nicholson,
    • Ms Shawana Andrews,
    • Ms Lauren Kosta,
    • Professor Michael McCullough,
    • Dr Lachlan Doughney
  • Flinders University: Associate Professor Wendy Edmondson
  • University of Sydney: Dr Lilon Bandler
  • University of Queensland: Professor Cindy Shannon, Associate Professor Jon Willis
  • University of Auckland: Associate Professor Papaarangi Reid


Australian Office of Learning and Teaching  (OLT) $225.000

Research Publications

1. Delany, C., Kosta, L., Ewen, S., Nicholson, P., Remedios, L. & Harms, L. (2016). Identifying pedagogy and teaching strategies for achieving nationally prescribed learning outcomes. Higher Education Research & Development, DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2016.1138450.

2. Theory and Practice Report: Indigenous Health Assessment at Australian Qualifications Framework Level 9

3. Guiding assessment for learning in Indigenous health at level 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework: Final report: January, 2018

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Teaching and learning

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