Refinement of Feedback in Progress Testing

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This research project builds Associate Professor Ryan's PhD research which explored how different kinds of post-test feedback influenced medical student study behaviours and acquisition of knowledge.  The original assessment setting for the research was progress testing (end of course standard assessments delivered multiple times through the medical program in order to track acquisition of knowledge over time), and employed both qualitative and quantitative methods (through use of time diaries, questionnaire, interview and assessment results).

This project is particularly timely as the Department of Medical Education Unit is investing significant resources in the development of a course-wide taxonomy assessment database for assessment items.  Information from this project regarding practical and acceptable student feedback is directly informing feedback modules in this new database and has expanded to apply to other assessment methods including Situational Judgement Tests, OSCE assessments



Professor David Swanson - Honorary Professor, Department of Medical Educaiton, MMS


University of Melbourne Learning & Teaching Grant 2014: Ryan, A., Judd. T. & McColl, G. Progress testing & Feedback ($34,938)

Research Outcomes


Ryan, A.T. & Judd. T.S. “Express Post-Test Feedback.” Pre-conference workshop at Association of Medical Educators Europe Annual Conference, Glasgow, UK, 5-9 September, 2015

Ryan, A.T., McColl, G.J., Chiavaroli, N.G., & O'Brien, R.C., “Medical Student Study Behaviour in the First Clinical Year:: Hours, Company & Motivation” Oral Presentation at the Asian Medical Education Annual Conference, Newcastle, Australia 30 March-1April 2015

Ryan A, O’Mara D, Siddiqui Z, Ward H, Fraser J (2016) Benchmarking in Australia using the International Foundations of Medicine Clinical Science Examination MJA 204 (9) doi: 10.5694/mja15.01377


Ryan, A.T., Judd, T,S. & McColl G.J. “Progress testing & feedback” Poster Presentation at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education Learning & Teaching Showcase, University of Melbourne, 4 December, 2015

Ryan, A.T., McColl, G.J., Chiavaroli, N.G., O'Brien, R.C., & Judd T.S. “Post-test Feedback – From PhD to Program Innovation”.  Oral Presentation at the HealthPEER seminar series, Monash University, Clayton, 25 November, 2015

Research Publications

Ryan, A. T., 2015. Post-test feedback: knowledge acquisition & learning behaviours. PhD Thesis. University of Melbourne, Department of Medical Education

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