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    Dr Andre Peterson

Research Overview

This group is headed by Dr Andre Peterson.

The Brain Dynamics & Epilepsy Lab is a part of the Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne and Department of Biomedical Engineering, both at the University of Melbourne. Our lab is passionate about multi-disciplinary neuroscience where we integrate methods from the physical and biological sciences to understand problems in the clinical sciences. In particular we are interested in understanding both normal and pathological electrical brain activity such as epileptic seizures. We study this through investigating the nature of changes in brain activity over time i.e. brain dynamics. Specifically, we use mathematics to examine biophysical structure-function relationships in order to understand brain state transitions, such as the impact of brain connectivity structures on neural network dynamics. Further, we use mathematical models and human data from EEG/MEG/iEEG/etc to extend our investigations of these relationships. We aim to gain insights into the nature of pathological brain activity such as seizures and improve treatment approaches towards patient-specific medicine.

Team: comprises of researchers that have diverse backgrounds: mathematics, physics, engineering, statistics, psychology and medicine.

Current focus: to develop, translate and apply mathematical techniques from a variety of fields that can be used to construct analysis frameworks that provide insights into brain functions and dysfunction in the case of epilepsy.

Goal: to use these analysis frameworks to interpret the plethora of brain data available and forthcoming in order to understand brain activity.


PhD Students

  • Wei Qin
  • Isabelle Harris
  • Dr Ashley Reynolds (MD)
  • Michaela Vranic-Peters

Co-supervised PhD Students

  • Anita Dharan
  • Jonas Haderlein


  • Professor David Grayden, Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Tony Burkitt, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Iven Mareels, Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Thomas Knoesche, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
  • A./Prof Hamish Meffin, NVRI
  • A./Prof Wendyl D’Souza
  • Prof. Steve Bowden
  • A./Prof Udaya Seniveratne
  • Dr Patrick O’brien
  • Dr Alan Lai

Research Publications

Neural Field Models: A mathematical overview and unifying framework
BJ Cook, ADH Peterson, W Woldman, JR Terry
Mathematical Neuroscience and Applications

Consequences of Dale's law on the stability-complexity relationship of random neural networks
JR Ipsen, ADH Peterson
Physical Review E 101 (5), 52412

Virtual intracranial EEG signals reconstructed from MEG with potential for epilepsy surgery
M Cao, D Galvis, SJ Vogrin, WP Woods, S Vogrin, F Wang, W Woldman, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1-12

Seizure prediction: science fiction or soon to become reality?
DR Freestone, PJ Karoly, ADH Peterson, L Kuhlmann, A Lai, F Goodarzy, ...
Current neurology and neuroscience reports 15 (11), 1-9

A model of individualized canonical microcircuits supporting cognitive operations
T Kunze, ADH Peterson, J Haueisen, TR Knösche
PLoS One 12 (12), e0188003

Dynamical Network Models From EEG and MEG for Epilepsy Surgery—A Quantitative Approach
M Cao, SJ Vogrin, ADH Peterson, W Woods, MJ Cook, C Plummer
Frontiers in Neurology, 573

On the benefit of overparameterization in state reconstruction
JF Haderlein, IMY Mareels, ADH Peterson, PZ Eskikand, AN Burkitt, ...
2021 60th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

Resting-state functional connectivity in the idiopathic generalized epilepsies: A systematic review and meta-analysis of EEG and MEG studies
AL Dharan, SC Bowden, A Lai, ADH Peterson, MWL Cheung, ...
Epilepsy & Behavior 124, 108336

A homotopic mapping between current-based and conductance-based synapses in a mesoscopic neural model of epilepsy
ADH Peterson, H Meffin, MJ Cook, DB Grayden, IMY Mareels, AN Burkitt
arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.00427

Eigenvalue spectral properties of sparse random matrices obeying Dale's law
ID Harris, H Meffin, AN Burkitt, ADH Peterson
arXiv preprint arXiv:2212.01549

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