• Professor Gustavo Duque, Geriatrician and Chair of Medicine
  • Dr. Jennifer Schwarz, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Kris Gosh, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Mark Johansen, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Claire McKie, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Ruth Teh, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Stephanie Ward, Geriatrician
  • Dr. Meng Lee, Geriatrician


  • Prof. Rob Daly, Deakin University
  • A/Prof. Tara Brenan-Speranza, University of Sydney
  • Dr. Oddom Demontiero, University of Sydney
  • Dr. Pushpa Suriyaarachchi, University of Sydney
  • Prof. Renuka Visvanathan, University of Adelaide
  • Prof. Tim Henwood, University of Queensland


  • Nepean Medical Research Foundation
  • Australian Association of Gerontology

Research Publications

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  15. Johannesen M, Lo Giudice D.  Elder abuse: a systematic review of risk factors in community-dwelling elders. Age Ageing. 2013; 42(3): 292-8.

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