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Longitudinal study of health, disease and access to care in rural Victoria: the Crossroads follow up study.

The Crossroads II study 2016-2018 is a population health study that repeats the original Crossroads I study undertaken in 2001-2003. Crossroads is one of the most detailed health studies undertaken in rural Australia providing vital health data to local services for service planning and improvement in the region and to attract funding to help meet local needs.

3,600 households were randomly selected and visited by trained research assistants. Of these, 1,900 households (overall response rate 59%) agreed to participate in the study with a total of 2,680 adults completing a detailed health questionnaire asking about health conditions, service use, concerns about health and demographic questions. Following, 743 of those adults surveyed attended a 2-hour health screening clinic that included assessment of dental health, lung function, mental health, liver health, hearing, body mass index, cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

This study compares rates of self-reported, undiagnosed and under-managed chronic disease between the baseline (2001-2003) and the current (2016-2018) study periods. The study also compares the self-reported waiting times and other barriers to accessing primary care, community services, dentistry, allied health, mental health, and specialist care. The data will be used for service planning and improvement in the region.


Chief Investigators:

Associate Investigators:

  • Professor Rodrigo Marino, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Bill Adam, Department of Rural Health, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor William Kemp, Alfred Health
  • Ms Leigh Rhode, Gateway Health
  • Associate Professor Ravi Bhat, Department of Rural Health, University of Melbourne


Goulburn Valley Health

Primary Care Connect

Benalla Health

Cobram District Health

Seymour Health

The Alfred

Goulburn Valley Primary Care Partnership

Shepparton Access

Moira Shire

Greater Shepparton City Council



This research was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the local health and community partners listed above. The research acknowledges the Australian Government Department of Health's Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program.

Research Outcomes

Crossroads II 2016-2018 reports are available below (following publication). The Community Reports for Crossroads I 2001-2003 are also linked below.

Crossroads II  - Summary reports

Crossroads II - Full Reports

Crossroads I Reports

Research Publications

Glenister K, Bourke L, Terry D, Simmons D. Chronic ill health in a regional Victoria setting: A 13‐year comparison. Aust. J. Rural Health. 2019;00:1–8.

Glenister KM, Bourke L, Bolitho L, Wright S, Roberts S, Kemp W, Rhode L, Bhat R, Tremper S, Magliano DJ, Morgan M, Marino R, Adam W, Simmons DLongitudinal study of health, disease and access to care in rural Victoria: the Crossroads-II study: methods. BMC Public Health 2018 18:670.

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Rural Chronic Ill Health

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Rural Health

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