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Longitudinal study of health, disease and access to care in rural Victoria: the Crossroads follow up study.

This research has been supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing through the University Department of Health (UDRH) and Rural Clinical Training and Support (RCTS) programs.

This project is being funded by the NHMRC in partnership with nine local health and local government organisations as well as a specialist liver research group.  The findings from the study will assist local health organisations with service planning to meet the needs of their communities.  The overarching aim of the study is to understand why the Goulburn Valley continues to have poorer health outcomes (for example, cardiovascular disease) than metropolitan Victoria, despite the increased availability of primary care in the region that has occurred in the past decade.

This study follows on from the original Crossroads study conducted from 2001 to 2003.   This study will compare rates of self reported, undiagnosed and undermanaged chronic disease between the baseline  (2001-2003) and the current (2016-2018) study periods.  The study will also compare the self-reported waiting times and other barriers to accessing primary care, community services, dentistry, allied health, mental health and specialist care between the baseline and current study periods. A composite measure of healthcare access, according to the type of health service based upon waiting times and self-reported barriers to access will be developed.

The study will involve face to face surveys of people from randomly selected households (with a goal of 1800 households) and comprehensive health checkups of approximately half of the survey participants in a 'clinic'.  The clinic will include assessment of dental health, lung function, mental health, liver health, hearing, body mass index, cardiovascular health and cognitive function.


Dr. Kristen Glenister, Research Fellow

Prof. David Simmons, Department of Rural Health

Prof. Lisa Bourke

Dr. Daniel Terry, Research Fellow

Prof. Mike Morgan, Melbourne Dental School

A/Prof Ravi Bhat

Prof. Julian Wright


Goulburn Valley Health

Baker IDI

Alfred Health

Western Sydney University

Primary Care Connect (Shepparton)

Cobram District Health

Benalla Health

Seymour District Memorial Hospital

Shepparton Access

Goulburn Valley Primary Care Partnership

Moira Shire

Greater Shepparton City Council

Shepparton Medical Centre


National Health and Medical Research Council in partnership with health services and local governments. This research has been supported by the Australian Government Department of Health through the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training program.

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Rural Chronic Ill Health

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Rural Health

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