Rural Health Care Services Research

Research Overview

This program of work investigates a range of chronic health issues impacting rural Victorians, with the overarching aim of identifying ways to reduce the burden of chronic ill health on rural communities. Many chronic diseases are more prevalent in rural areas than metropolitan areas, due in part to increased rates of risk factors, poor health behaviours and increased population age. In addition, access to healthcare for chronic disease management, particularly specialist care, can be restricted in rural areas compared with metropolitan areas.

Some of the projects being undertaken by this research group investigate differences in the prevalence and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, chronic kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease between rural and metropolitan Victoria.

Our group has recently completed the Crossroads II project which assessed health, disease and access to health care in the Goulburn Valley. Crossroads II was a large-scale study funded by the NHMRC in partnership with local health services and local government organisations.

Other projects explore the 'Patient Journey' experienced by a person as they incorporate a diagnosis of a chronic condition into their lives. Another project focusses on access to a range of health services in rural Victoria, which may be restricted by a range of factors including geographical distance, cost, waiting time or degree of 'fit' between the service and the consumer.


Dr. Kristen Glenister, Research Fellow

Professor Lisa Bourke Director University Department of Rural Health

Professor Julian Wright Professor of Medicine; Head, Department of Rural Health; Director of Medical Student Education

Carol Reid Research Coordinator - RHAN - Numurkah

Rowan O'Hagan RHAN Coordinator - Wangaratta

Nadine Glanville RHAN Coordinator - Echuca

Ryan McGrath RHAN Coordinator - Goulburn Valley Health


The following projects were undertaken in partnership with local health services through the Department’s Rural Health Academic Network; a team of researchers based in small health services working to support education and build research, undertaking a range of evaluations, service development projects and supporting the rural health workforce in research and professional development.

  • Northeast Health Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga Health, Numurkah District Health, Murray Primary Health Network Projects that aim to improve care for people living with COPD, heart failure and type 2 diabetes in regional areas.
  • Albury Wodonga Health Strictly Come Dancing with Parkinson's – a mixed methods study to identify and address mechanisms required to effectively deliver and sustain an evidence-based dance class to persons with Parkinson's Disease in regional and rural areas. Albury Wodonga Health is also a key partner in the Healthy Brain Ageing in Chronic Lung Disease study exploring the management of lung disease in the context of cognitive change.
  • Bendigo Health: Key partner in projects to improve care in end stage chronic disease
  • Melbourne Health: Projects aimed at management of COPD as well as palliative care in chronic disease
  • Goulburn Valley Health An evaluation of the model of care implemented at Goulburn Valley Health Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (GVH CAMHS)


This research has been supported by

  • The Australian Government Department of Health's Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Murray Primary Health Network

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